Sam & Casey – Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Since I’m officially a Knoxville wedding photographer now, it’s about time to blog some Knoxville weddings!

When I think of Sam & Casey’s wedding day, I think of family. They were married in their family’s backyard, surrounded by kids and loved ones. Sam & Casey must be the proudest aunt & uncle around. Their joy-filled wedding was an honor to photograph. After every wedding, there’s always a moment that stays with me. Photographing Sam & Casey after the ceremony on the porch of their newly shared home was a beautiful experience. They overflowed with happiness from just being married! These little personalized details of this backyard wedding came together to create a very intimate day.

knoxville wedding photographer

Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Sam & Casey’s backyard Knoxville wedding was so classically southern. Quilts, apple butter, banana pudding, church pews, fried okra, homegrown green-beans, fried chicken, & summer humidity. All things that I think many of us who grew up in East Tennessee instantly connect with. It delighted me to see that Sam even had tiny green tomatoes in her wedding bouquet! As a Knoxville wedding photographer, I love the different types of weddings I am able to photograph!

Huge thanks to Brittany of Eden Bliss Weddings for second shooting this event with me. A few of these photos were taken by her. The incredible florals were provided by Scott Morrel. Enjoy a glimpse into this beautiful day!

bride getting readystrawberry plains weddingstrawberry plains knoxville weddingbride putting on dressknoxville candid wedding photographerknoxville candid wedding photographyknoxville wedding photojournalismknoxville wedding photojournalistclassy backyard weddingknoxville backyard weddinggroom with neiceknoxville weddingknoxville wedding photojournalist momentsknoxville backyard wedding photosgreen and blue bridesmaid dressestomatos in bouquetknoxville backyard wedding picturesknoxville backyard wedding ceremonybacckyard knoxville wedding ceremonybackyard wedding in knoxvilleknoxville wedding photographerbackyard christian ceremonyknoxville ceremonyknoxville wedding photosbackyard knoxville wedding photographsknoxville wedding photographscelebration after wedding ceremonycandid moments weddingknoxville wedding picturesknoxville flowergirl with crownhappy guestssleeping baby at weddingknoxville wedding in backyardbaby turtleknoxville wedding photographyunique knoxville wedding photographerprivate home knoxville weddingknoxville tennessee wedding photographercute kid at weddnigwedding crayonsknoxville outside weddingknoxville backyard wedding receptionfirst dance backyard weddingcandid wedding photographerbackyard wedding reception in knoxvillewedding reception in backyard knoxvilleoutdoor wedding reception knoxvillefather daughter dancebest knoxville wedding photographerclassy knoxville weddingsweet moments at a weddingbackyard wedding reception with dancingbouquet tossflower falls apart at wedding receptionknoxville wedding receptionalex bee photoknoxville lanterns at weddingbride and groom lantern

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RT Lodge Wedding Photos – Autumn & Jared

Oh my, do I have sweet wedding for you today. I am so excited to share these RT Lodge wedding photos! If you’ve never been to RT Lodge, let me draw you a picture. Nestled in the foothills of the Smokies, RT Lodge is a stunner. Every piece of this property is beautiful & just oozing with Americana. From the drive to the property with the ivy-filled woods to the perfectly lit twinkle lights, you’ll be in awe. At least I am! Autumn & Jared were married on September Saturday with perfect weather. I assisted the wonderful Anna Hedges on this RT Lodge wedding. Thank you Anna for having me along!

rt lodge maryville

RT Lodge Wedding Photos

If you are having an RT Lodge wedding & are looking for a wedding photographer, please do get in touch! I’ve got something special in mind for you. Despite shooting over a hundred weddings in the area, I’ve never shot as a primary photographer at RT Lodge & I am just dying for the opportunity! It’s definitely at the TOP of my wedding venue wishlist.

rt lodge maryville tnrt lodge bridejoyful weddingrt lodge wedding photos

The english ivy surrounding the woods at RT Lodge adds such a dreaminess to the photos!

knoxville wedding photojournalistrt lodge wedding photographycandid wedding moments

I am an absolute sucker for these two moments with Autumn’s parents. These moments!!

rt lodge wedding photographerrt lodge wedding photort lodge in tennesseewedding at the rt lodgemaryville tn rt lodgert lodge wedding

ALWAYS a huge fan of a wedding dip. Good job, Jared!

rt lodge weddings

Autumn & Jared were so incredibly sweet together. I can’t get over these cute wedding recessional moments!

wedding photos at rt lodgewedding ceremony at rt lodgetent at rt lodgert lodge receptionreception at rt lodge

Jared’s parents looked on adoringly at their son & new daughter-in-law!

knoxville wedding photographer

The classy hanging lights at RT Lodge show up in the photos so beautifully.

knoxville documentary wedding photographerrt lodge wedding receptiontoast at rt lodgecake cutting

I always love it when a couple has fun with the cake cutting!

dancing at rt lodgecandid wedding picturesdancing reception at rt lodgeair guitarrt lodge wedding tentrt lodge wedding photographyrt lodge wedding

Wedding venue & catering by RT Lodge in Maryville, TN.

If you are looking for your very own RT Lodge wedding photos, I’d love to chat with you. Just get in touch!

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Best of 2015

copy 1

2015. I can’t believe it’s come & gone. As a wedding photographer, I have a strange connection to years. How many weddings did I book this year? How many do I have next year? Should I book this wedding for 2017? I can hardly imagine the year 2017!

2015 use to be one of those far off years that I couldn’t imagine and now it’s gone and here I am reminiscing about it. Just like they say time flies when you get older, it certainly feels like it flies when you are a wedding photographer. I arrive at weddings thinking “didn’t I just sit down with this couple for coffee? Oh wait, that was 14 months ago.” Never before have I been so aware of time. Was that too weird? Oh well, new years always seem eerie to me.

Damn. What a year. I photographed more than I ever have before. I delivered a whopping 24,372 photos to clients this year & pressed the shutter button about 4x more than that. I photographed my first wedding under a live oak tree in Beaufort, South Carolina. Two incredible artists flew me to New Hampshire for their wedding. I photographed a couple with a llama. My pants split at a wedding (and I don’t think anyone noticed). I was rained on. I stopped a kid from lighting his hair on fire with a sparkler. I found myself all over the south photographing joyful days with joyful people, stuffing my face with cake when I had the chance.

Lots of cool stuff happened this year, but I’m still finding myself back where it all begins: the moments & the joy. From the meaningful to the weird to the hilarious… those are the types of photos I’m always drawn to & the ones I work tirelessly to photograph for my clients. Weddings aren’t perfect & neither are my photos. They’re real & they are full of all sorts of ridiculous things, like a groomsman stuffing his face with barbecue or a dad embarrassing himself on the dance floor.

The best part of 2015: marriage equality. I photographed so many same sex elopements, weddings, and sessions this year, many of which where completely set into course by the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling. I photographed three ceremonies on the first say of same sex marriage in Alabama & two on the first day in Chattanooga. I photographed friends finally able to marry in their state! It was such a historic year & it was a privilege to feel so involved, even in such a small way.

To my clients, thank you for your trust and your vulnerability and your weirdness. Thank you for the cake, pies, cookies, buffets, and everything else I nommed, Thank you for your kind reviews & sweet emails. Thank you for helping me make 2015 the most productive & exhilarating year in my career.  <3

best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-1best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-11best-2015-alex-bee-photo-1best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-11best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-1best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-094best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-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best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-best-2015-alex-bee-photo-

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The Barn at High Point Farms Wedding – Shannon & Alex

“She’s saying that she loves you” interpreted Alex.

They were just married & bride Shannon had her arms wrapped around Lydia, Alex’s mom. Alex did a bit of translating for Lydia & it was a moment that has remained with me since this wedding. Shannon & Alex’s wedding is a tale of cross-cultural love & the creation of a happy German-American family. It’s also the tale of the first time I was able to photograph a Barn at High Point Farms Wedding- a venue that had been on my wishlist!

Alex & Shannon are both from different places, but at the time of their wedding they had one city in common- Chattanooga. Now they have another city in common: Berlin, Germany! Right after their wedding, Shannon was packing up her worldly American possessions & heading to Europe. Talk about brave! Chattanooga was the obvious choice for their wedding. I think it’s great they were able to bring both families to the city where they met for the first time.

the barn at high point farms

The Barn at High Point Farms Wedding

This sweet couple was married right outside of Chattanooga at the Barn at High Point Farms. It’s the cutest, chicest, family-owned & operated barn venue around. Come for the view of Lookout Mountain & stay for adorable goats. This charming Barn at High Point Farm wedding included a smores bar, German-American traditions & decor, and yummy Events with Taste catering.

barn at high point farms decorationsjoyful wedding photographybride getting readylotus pod bouquetcow high point farmthe barn at high pointteal bridesmaid dresseschattanooga bridal portraitsthe barn at high point farms georgiagroom getting ready high point farmsgroom tying his tiechattanooga wedding photojournalistgroom area barn at high point farmshigh point farms barnthe barn at high point farms receptiongerman american wedding decorthe goats at the barn at high point farmsgoat high point farmsbarn at high point farmscrying ringbearerfunny crying ringbearerbride walking down aisle with dadflinstone georgia wedding ceremonychattanooga candid weddingchattanooga wedding photojournalistheirloom vintage rentals chattanoogaproud fatherchattanooga wedding photographerbarn at hight point farms ceremonythe barn at high point farms weddingchattanooga barn wedding ceremonythe barn at high point chattanoogachattanooga wedding barnthe barn at high point farms wedding photosjoyful celebrationchattanooga high point farmschattanooga wedding photojournalismcandid chattanooga wedding photoshappy wedding photoscheering family portraitcute ringbearerevents with taste chattanoogachattanooga wedding photothe barn at high point farms goatsthe barn at high point farms bride with goatgoats at the barn at high pointchattanooga goatsgoat at the barn at high point farmsthe barn at high point farms weddingthe barn at high point farm wedding photoshigh point farms bridallookout mountain bridal portraitjoyful wedding portraitsthe barn at high point farms receptionshigh point farms barn receptionwedding reception at the barn at high point farmschattanooga barn weddinghigh point farms reception dancingbride dancingthe barn at high point farms at night the barn at high point farms evening reception dancing wedding reception chattanooga dancing sparkler exit smoky sparkler exit smoky sparklerschattanooga english taxicab

If you’d like to see more details from this wedding, check out the Wedding Chicks feature! Are you having a Barn at High Point Farms wedding & want more info about my work? Get in touch!

Venue: The Barn at High Point Farms
Planning & Designing: Homespun Parties & Events
Florals: Sophie’s Shoppe
Catering: Events with Taste
Beauty: Salon 30 A
Rentals: Heirlooms Vintage Rentals

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Spence Cabin Wedding Photos- Leigha & Geoff

When Leigha first emailed me about her upcoming Spence Cabin wedding, there was a caveat. I’d have to fill out a ton of official Great Smoky Mountain National Park paperwork, deal with my liability insurance, and pay a fee to be allowed to photograph her Elkmont wedding. My response? HELL YEAH! Mountains are just the best. And in my humble opinion, there are no better mountains than the Smokies. I am so excited to share these Spence Cabin wedding photos with you!

Pssst… I still have that permit so I am happy & ready for all your Great Smoky Mountain National Park wedding photography needs!

spence cabin wedding photos

Close your eyes & imagine the sounds of the Little River crackling around you. Oh, how I wish I could transport you there so you can see just how magical it is to get married at Spence Cabin. This private little enclave is surrounded by private forest & tranquility. Honestly, if I wasn’t shooting a wedding I’d have had my feet in the Little River as soon as I arrived. It is basically heaven.

After their ceremony, we headed over to the historic Appalachian Clubhouse for Leigha & Geoff’s reception. Guests ate, drank, & danced the night away. And I can’t forget the amazing PIZZA cookie cake. It was mindblowing.


elkmont butterfliesspence cabin getting readygroom spence cabinspence cabin wedding picturesspence cabin bride dresswedding at spence cabinspence cabin elkmont weddingbride elkmontspence cabin wedding photographsfirst look spence cabinspence cabin wedding photosspence cabin weddingbride groom spence cabinwedding party elkmont weddingelkmont weddingelkmont wedding photoselkmont wedding photoselkmont spence cabinspence cabin wedding photographyspence cabinspence cabin weddingspence cabin wedding ceremonyspence cabin ceremonyspence cabin wedding ceremonyspence cabin wedding ceremonygetting married in elkmontelkmont wedding ceremonygreat smoky mountains national park weddingspence cabin weddingjoyful weddingappalachian clubhouse receptionappalachian clubhouseappalachian clubhouse wedding receptionelkmont daisy town weddingalex bee photoappalachian clubhouse picturesglass coke at receptionwedding reception at the appalachian clubhousefirst danceknoxville wedding photographerchattanooga wedding photographerappalachian clubhouse elkmontelkmont wedding receptionelkmont receptioncake cuttingknoxville wedding photojournalistsmoky mountain weddingelkmont wedding photographydancing at a weddingwedding in the smokieswedding in the smoky mountainsappalachian clubhouse at nighthilarious weddingappalachian clubhouse at nightwedding in the smoky mountainswedding exit elmont

I hope you enjoyed these Spence Cabin wedding photos! If you are getting married in the Smokies, I’d love to hear from you. Check out the vendors that contributed to this wedding below.

Florist- LB Floral
Cake- Art of Cakes
DJ- Fuller Light N Sound
Ceremony Music- Quarter Mile Strings
Catering- Bradford Catered Events
Coordination- Courtney Kliman
Dress- Wedding Wonderland
Stationery- Ashley Elliot Designs
Alterations- Sandra G’s Alterations
Furniture Rental- Restoration Rentals

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