This wedding is close to my heart. I’m so happy to be able to be the photographer for this one!

Not only is Carin one of my bestest friends, she is my FIRST bestest friend to get married. It was an emotional day for my circle of girlfriends, but it couldn’t have been any more beautiful. If you start to think your seeing doubles, it’s cause you are! Carin’s twin Sarah was her maid of honor. And yes, Carin & I did go eat Shoney’s buffet for lunch. It was delicious.

Chris & Carin had their wedding at Big Ridge State Park outside of Knoxville. The leaves were just beginning to change and the weather was absolutely perfect. Big Ridge State Park was a wonderful place for a wedding. I went there a ton as a kid. I hope these photos “get to you” as much as they do me. I’ve had the biggest grin on my face while editing them.

Enjoy & congrats to the newlyweds :)

big ridge state park photography